After the World War II, the United Nations Security Council was created by the UN Charter in order to take over the purpose of previous organisation, League of Nations, to maintain the peace and security all around the globe. With respect to this purpose, various authorities was given to the Council such as usage of military troops, implementation of sanctions and economic penalties, setting embargoes, and cutting diplomatic relations.

The UNSC includes 15 member states in total, 10 of them being non-permanent members and 5 of them being the permanent members listed as United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Russian Federation and PR China. These five member have got a right to veto the possible resolutions of the Security Council.

Agenda Item of this commitee is The Rwandan Genocide of 1994, which occured between April 7th and July 15 of the same year was a mass slaughter of Rwandan ethnic minority group Tutsi people, orchestrated by Hutu politicians in an attempt to wipe out the existing Tutsi population living in Rwanda at the time. Around 70% of the total Tutsi population is estimated to have been killed during the genocide, accounting for up to 1 million Tutsi people. Up to 500,000 women are believed to have fallen victim to sexual assault and rape in the hands of Hutu supported militia. Victims of the genocide were massacred in their homes, in churches and in schools, many times by neighbours as many feared being killed themselves. The events of 1994 shocked many worldwide, however, a variety of countries chose to ignore the massacre at the time.

Under Secretary-General: Emir Ergenekon
Agenda Item:  Rwandan Genocide of 1994
Committee Directors: TBA