United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) was established in 1964 by the General Assembly as an intergovernmental organisation. It deals with the issues caused by  investment and trade. The basic purposes of the organisation are maximizing the tradeinvestment and development opportunities of developing countries and assist them in their efforts to integrate into the world economy on an equitable basis.

The UNCTAD will be focusing on issues ranging from resource management to the current status quo in the Eastern Mediterranean region where major petrol resources are found. Also the delegates will discuss upon the monetary systems and their impacts on economy.

In this conference, The UNCTAD aims to have a lasting solutions for the sake of the tomorrow’s economy by resolving current issues. Memberstates will try to build a consensus to avoid an economic crisis that can affect the global market.

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Agenda Item A: Eastern Mediterranean Crisis
Agenda Item B:
Monetary Systems
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