Disarmament and International Security Committee

The United Nations (UN) Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) was established as the first of the Main Committees in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 1945. Under favor of 193 member states, DISEC deals with significant matters such as terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, international security and disarmament. The Committee works in close cooperation with the United Nations Disarmament Commission and the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament. It is the only Main Committee of the General Assembly entitled to verbatim records coverage.
The first agenda item is “prevention of an arms race in outer space”. As of Cold War, space had begun to be used as a strong weapon in warfares. The transparency about military activities in space is an important issue that should be debated. In this day and age, the representatives will find solutions that can be feasible in the face of such a situation.
The second agenda item is “the regulation of usage of lethal autonomous weapons for military activities”. Incidental to advancing technology, the armed forces in the military are also progressing rapidly.  Autonomous Weapons Systems (AWS) are defined as “a weapon system(s) that, once activated, can select and engage targets without further intervention by a human operator.” It is a polemic that lethal autonomous weapons systems should be used for military activities. Delegates will defend their countries’ policies upon that argumentation.

Under-Secretary-General: İlayda Batı
Associate Under-Secretary-General:
Ozan Deniz Özdemir
Agenda Item A: Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space
Agenda Item B:
Regulation of Usage of Lethal Autonomous Weapons for Military Activities
Committee Directors: TBA